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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Anyone who returns can just claim "I was backpacking in Europe for a couple of years and lost my passport".
I'm not sure I see the problem. It's customary for the state to not make a case against someone who has an alibi.
The problem is, the returning ISIS people don't actually have an alibi... at least not a verified one.

So, you're potentially introducing a large number of individuals who (at one point anyways) were hostile to the ideals of their home nation with no punishment for any illegal actions that they have done and little ability to track their activities upon returning.
Wrongdoers go free all the time because the state can't gather enough evidence to convict - or even prosecute. This is generally considered to be a feature, not a bug, of the system.
Yes, innocent until proven guilty and all that... Yes, its the preferred way that we should want the legal system to function. Still doesn't mean that we shouldn't be worried about potential side effects of that policy.
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