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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
It's pretty simple. This is a link Carlitos posted above:

Surely you can read between the lines of that quote?

"Even if they tell us they're OK, we know that they are not OK"
and especially this part:
"even though we may have charges on some of them, we'd rather them be victims"

So their choice here is to be charged with a crime, or be a victim.

I'm not saying they're all lying, I'm saying that the way the police have set it up, they have no choice but to say they are victims.

If they say "I did this of my own free will" then they are admitting to a crime. They can be prosecuted accordingly. If, on the other hand, they say that they are victims of trafficking, then they are not responsible and will not be charged.

They may indeed be victims, but they really have no other choice than to say that they are victims.
Reading between the lines, if they say that they are victims of trafficking then they are, in fact, innocent of the charges leveled against them and will not be charged. I believe that is what Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey is saying. Which is different from your last post stating that they will be compelled to testify if they say that they are "victims" (as if that carries some sort of social stigma).
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