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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Nobody said anything about attaching a stigma.
So? There is a stigma currently, whether or not anyone here claimed it.

Being a woman isn't a disability. But maybe suffering from gender dysphoria is a disability.
It generally isn't one. I know of no cases of it being so.

If you're cismale, and an athlete, and competing in the men's division causes you psychological suffering, is that a disability? If the only thing that mitigates your suffering is being allowed to compete as a woman in the women's division, is that a disability?

And if that's the only way to treat your condition, does it really make sense to deny you that option? Does it really help you in any way to have a non-cisgendered division for you to compete in?
Is that a thing that exists with robust study and evidence of treatment effectiveness?

That's one of the biggest problem with all trans gender related discussions; hypothetical conditions and treatments are treated as equivalent stand-ins for things we have a lot of evidence for.

Basically as your hypothetical condition doesn't exist and its hypothetical treatment doesn't exist, and neither are equivalent to being trans gender, I don't think exploring it will help advance any understanding. (My examples actually exist by the way.)
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