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Originally Posted by Belz... View Post
Still too young for children to understand their sexuality and gender fully. Hell, before 25 it's often hard enough for them.

Maybe not "fully". There are people in middle age who don't understand their sexuality and gender fully.

How about enough?

Enough to choose whether or not they want to postpone puberty?

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Depends how you look at it. As a point in a particular developmental process, it's pretty young. The major development into maturity is still ahead.

There are lots of things we give children of that age sufficient agency to be involved in choices which affect them.

What is so special about this one?


As a percentage of an average human lifespan it's... I dunno? Entirely subjective?
So what?

I note that you still don't address whether or not delaying puberty, a reversible process. is "child abuse".
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