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Originally Posted by BazBear View Post
Faith is what it is. A belief in something not provable. It is okay to have such beliefs, but if they disagree with the provable or most probable, as they fit with the science that works, you must ask why? If you think the world is roughly 6000 years old, then your faith is in the way of reason, however if you accept your deity may have created our precious sphere of rocks and water a handful of billions of years ago, I think you are on the right track. For the record I am an atheist, or at least my "God" is the universe.
I have never seen why religious assertions should be any more or less "provable" than anything else.

I can be said to have "faith" that Pluto is a planet, but then again maybe it isn't. That being understood, is Jupiter a "planet?" Isn't the assertion that it is at least in part an assertion of faith? How else can I know except by trusting what others tell me, and if not others, except by trusting my senses?

If the bush burns but is not consumed, I have reasonable "proof" that something interesting is happening. My interpretation of it as a miracle is my theory, perhaps supported by a voice I hear coming from the bush, but this only in the context of a world-view that says that fires consume and that miracles happen and there aren't any charlatans around who know how to make a bush appear to burn.
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