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Originally Posted by Samson View Post
I said Robin Bain killed his family, not Neville Bamber. I am not introducing any left field theory. I have just read Julie Mugford's statement, it is very long and detailed, and I am not so sure of Bamber's innocence. Mainly because it would make her the most vindictive jilted lover in history.
The problem remains however. What was Sheila doing while Bamber was on the alleged murderous rampage? If she was sleeping then there is some chance the plot worked, but if she awoke, how did he persuade her to pose for suicide?

Here is the statement
I have been hoping to try to avoid what witnesses say and figure out what can be gleamed from the crime scene. I would really like to find as neutral a source as possible on what the crime scene actually displayed and what can be found out from the bodies.

For example, if Shelia died hours after the others (as there appears to be some indications), it does not matter at all what Mugford said.

People who listen to the Norfolk Four confess are often prejudiced by their confessions but the simple thing is that the crime scene indicates a lone attacker.
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