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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Well, somebody needs to be productive, otherwise you don't have any wealth to distribute as UBI.

Also, your survival depends on productivity. If someone - ideally you - isn't producing a certain minimum amount of food and shelter, you will die. Call that one unit of productivity. It's not a question of everyone being maximally productive, it's a question of being minimally productive. If we aren't producing at least one unit of productivity per person, people will start dying.

Obviously some people simply can't produce that much. The disabled and the infirm for example. Which means that among the rest of us, we have to come up with at minimum our own unit of productivity, plus an extra unit for each of those who can't produce.

Not everybody needs to produce. As long as enough of us are producing enough to cover everyone, some can opt out of the rat race. But the more opt out, the more the rest of us have to produce, to cover their needs.

I hope this answers your questions. I hope you will answer these questions of mine:

If I choose to produce enough to cover two UBIs, and you choose to produce nothing at all, should I be compelled to split what I've earned with you? If I choose to produce less, rather than split it with you, should I be compelled to produce more anyway, to subsidize your choice not to produce at all?

Looks like about 2% of us can handle the "food" issue. And I am not convinced that enough adequate housing does not already exist to provide everyone with decent accommodation.

Seems like we are currently devoting about %95 of our efforts towards "luxuries". Maybe we could do just fine easing off of that a little.
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