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Originally Posted by Rolfe View Post
If TM deliberately produces less so that he has no surplus to sell then he's not overproducing. It seems the only real loser is himself.

If TM produces surplus but sticks it in a store-room or lets it rot rather than selling it, again he's not overproducing and it seems the only real loser is himself.

If TM produces surplus and gives it away for free that's really nice of him and I'm sure the recipients will be very glad to have it on top of the UBI they're getting.

If TM produces surplus and barters it for other goods or services then that has tax implications which I'm sure the tax authorities will be very interested in.

So I'm struggling to see his big "gotcha" in this.
TM makes X. TM lives comfortably off of Y, which is less than X. TM invests the amount X-Y to earn more. If TM is going to be taxed so that he makes Y instead of X then he's not going to do the same amount of work necessary to earn X. He's going to do work worth Y. There will be no excess left to take for redistribution.
You added nothing to that conversation, Barbara.
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