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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
And now you tell me, that such a -40C radiation-surface could thermally not be as well insulated from a crust surface of 0C, as from a crust surface of more than 450C!
OK, I'll tell you: A -40C surface can be in perfectly good convective-thermal contact with a 450C surface if they are at different pressures. In fact, the laws of thermodynamics tell you that convection between regions of different pressure will give them different temperatures.

Do you think that this law of thermodynamics is somehow turned off on Venus? Then why do you want to ignore it?

More generally, the presence of a temperature difference doesn't tell you a darn thing about heat conduction. Right now, it's much warmer inside my house than it is outside. Can you use this fact to tell me how well insulated my walls are? Can you use it to predict how fast my house would cool down if the furnace turned off? No you can't.
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