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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
On Earth we obviously have strong "adiabatic vertical air currents", because our atmosphere is heated up from the ground
Same thing happens on Venus.

The near-ground atmosphere of Venus however consists of isothermal layers, where temperature essentially only depends on the distance from the isothermal ground. And in such a horizontally isothermal atmosphere, there is nothing which could give rise to adiabatic vertical air currents of significant amount.

To sum up: You consider both the current Venus lapse-rate of around 10C/km and an isothermal atmosphere (with a lapse rate of zero) as possible. So why do you oppose my claim, that also a lapse rate in between would be similarly stable?
It's thermodynamically possible for a hypothetical atmosphere to be vertically isothermal. But it doesn't describe Venus. The atmosphere of Venus does receive heating from the ground. Venus does have convection.
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