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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post

You don't think Trump would tweet incontinently about whatever scandal he was embroiled in?

In which he was embroiled?
Originally Posted by Ziggurat View Post
I think he's saying Trump would have tweeted something about the charges if he felt Epstein might turn on him with actually damaging info. Maybe complained that Epstein is being railroaded, or that it's just an attempt to get to Trump, or something. The point is that silence isn't Trump's style for anything he cares about. So either he doesn't care, or he's taking a different approach than his usual one.

If I understand what you are saying here, then I agree with both of you (and ain't that a thing).

Firstly, much as I despise Trump for his womanizing and his misogynistic attitude, I seriously doubt that he would be a kiddie fiddler. I know he likes them young, but I doubt he likes them that young.

Second, if I'm wrong about that, and he really is involved, he would already have undertaken a twitter rage campaign accusing "them Ebil Dems" of concocting a hoax and a witch hunt, reciting "no involvement".

He is so predictable... we all know what he does and how he acts when he is guilty of something, we can read him like a book!
"You can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing-off corrupt people!" - George Kent on Day one of the Trump Impeachment Hearings
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