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Originally Posted by sts60 View Post
[R]ockets are observed to work in a vacuum - we operate them all the time.
Since he has expressed elsewhere on the forum a warning that belief in NASA is a religion and that NASA and space travel are a great political lie promulgated by the United States, I gather he will express himself further as one of those who delusionally claim that there is only NASA-related space flight and that the only observations of space flight come via NASA.

That should have tipped you off that your work was incorrect.
As I write above, he's probably already convinced himself that the only observations that could dispute his findings come from the organization whose validity he is challenging and can therefore be set aside.

Another reason to question one's own work is the ease with which it comes about. If it were that easy to refute the principle by which rocket engines work, why would one think himself to be the first person to have done it? Or the only person who knows about it?
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