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Originally Posted by DuvalHMFIC View Post
They sold 52.2 million phones in ONE quarter this year. Just how many people are we calling stupid here?

And again, we're getting away from the original premise: Lots and lots of people, I forget the number posted, but way over half, are living paycheck-to-paycheck. How many of them are stupid? How many just don't care to be frugal? And furthermore, what are we supposed to do? Tell Apple they aren't allowed to advertise?
Or perhaps point out to those whom Apple has contributed wealth to that they have little standing to criticize those who create financial hardship for themselves by buying an Apple product when they would just as likely be suffering financial hardships themselves if those products went unpurchased.

The Waltons would have little of the moral high ground to perch upon should they begin to complain that the Gov. is too generous with food stamps when a substantial portion of their profits come from those same food-stamps. A great deal of them going to actual Walmart employees- thus cheapening their labor costs as well.

Further, from the perspective of the individual living paycheck to paycheck, what great benefit would they see from the elimination of simple pleasures? A lifetime of drudgery in exchange for a reduced possibility of dying under a bridge in their old age? How is it immoral for them to take all they can get and damn the consequences from the very people whose success came from taking all they could get?
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