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Originally Posted by Caustic Logic View Post
Thanks, that takes it back past Trapley and Jones, but even the Russians were wrong, somone here said last time it was brought up. I was hoping for an explanation from someone who knew what that was about.
1. I know what it is about and I gave you an explanation.
2. You said the claim was from prisonplanet, it is not. It is from the official russian TV channel. If prisonplanet reproduces a column from Paul Krugman of the NYTimes, the source remains Paul Krugman and the NYTimes, not Alex Jones.
3. The news item did not say that they were monitoring using satellite photographs, just that they were monitoring using space technology.
4. In the end it comes down to a basis of trust. Do the Russian military have an incentive to lie or more of an incentive than the Western news agencies. Have the western agencies produced anything to back up their claims - given that insurgents clearly have lots and lots of mobile phones capable of taking clips.

If you want to see a crowd of "civilian protesters" using mobile phones to capture atrocities, look no further than here

Alas, the atrocities they are capturing are their own.
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