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Originally Posted by little grey rabbit View Post
I am still puzzled by your focus on Alex Jones - the source is quite plainly Russian military intelligence - who for whatever reason, decided that alerting the world that outlandish claims of Gaddafi straffing protest rallies in cities was untrue. Of course, we all know there is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim either.

I don't know the capabilities of Russian spy satellites. Possibly it also included humint that they wish to conceal - such as a mole in MI6 where the plan to spread this story might have been discussed and approved.
I don't fully trust governments or militaries. They sometimes say weird things for weird political reasons I don't get. The fact that this Russian claim was picked up by people who are known to pick up weird and wrong things is not a good sign.

I didn't mean to labor that point or hang too much on it. The claim needs to be evaluated on its own merits. I don't see an obvious reason for the Russian joint chiefs to lie about this, and I imagine satellites could possibly pick up some sign or other of aircraft attacks of the scale in question. So far I heard bad things about it, but maybe that was from a misunderstanding. Thanks for the bump. Nothing new myself, got sidetracked with other things...

I don't deny the evidence for protester-bombing or even strafing is badly lacking. No crater photos I know of, no cell phone videos of these attacks, nothing except words from people far from objectivity, and a number of fuzzy amalgamations floating out there in brains like Hillary's. That's clearly relevant in this context, but my main focus is on this one argument against such wild stories. It's more a technical question than a sweeping overview of the evidence for or against gov't air attacks.

ETA: Oh, and that last point is an interesting one. Thanks.
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