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Originally Posted by Caustic Logic View Post
I don't know. Not without some research I don't have time for.

If they could have steady video from geosynch orbit, that could see in any detail, they could see no jets flying over a certain area in that whole time. Do that for all major cities in question, and you've got proof! (as if that makes any sense)
This would require the Russians to have an array of quite specialized, technologically advanced satelites, whose only concievable purpose would be to either prove or disprove plane overflights. The satelites would need to be able to cover dozens or hundreds of square miles at the same time, with video no less, with spatial and temporal resolution adequate to spot a small jet fighter in flight, which also amounts to enormous quantities of data (probably to the order of many terabytes per second if not more - the more you encode it the better resolution you'll need) to be streamed back home. Is there any evidence they have such an array?

Otherwise, I can't think of anything that I know makes sense, but that's not saying much. I'm way behind on what satellites can pick up. Collated ground radar info beamed up somehow, electrostatic discharge paths that can be seen for days, disruptions of the ether, remote viewing?
To me, remote viewing seems the most plausible of the bunch
Trouble is, it doesn't have anything to do with satelites.


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