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Originally Posted by kookbreaker View Post
She was honorably discharged, but she was only an E4 after something like 16 years in the service, which shows something lacking.
Wait... 16 years and still E4? Not even an NCO yet? Really?

[OFF TOPIC (explainer for my incredulity)]
In the USAF promotion to E4 is automatic based on time served and time in grade. Even though promotions in the Air Force go through WAPS (the "Weighted Airman Promotion System") and not a promotion board, an average airman would expect to reach E4 in about 2 to 3 years. E5 - Staff Sgt, requires basic trade and leadership skills, most of which are easy to master.

If you not have made E5 by five years, you have issues (most airman will have made E6 - Tech Sgt by five years - if you still haven't made E5 after 16 years, those issues are serious and you are well below average intelligence..... no wonder she was a Trump supporter!
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