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Originally Posted by bruto View Post
Yes, the CVCC had extra little intake valves in the head, and that was what gave them that designation, but it was a design specifically geared to carburetion, and the need for that ended when they introduced fuel injection, so in a way you're both right and right.

Mitsubishi also had something similar to that, called "MCA Jet"). My first 1984 Colt Vista with a carburetor had it, but as I recall, the 87 with injection did not.
Thinking back, I've only owned two carbureted cars - the '87 CRX and a '69 Triumph GT6 Mk. II (Twin Zenith Strombergs). I've driven plenty of others - '76 Caprice, '77 Grand Safari, '80 Grand Prix SJ, '84 Nissan Sentra (with 'DATSUN by NISSAN' badge) - but they all belonged to my parents.

My current '15 Honda Fit has direct injection. You can hear the injectors ticking like a diesel when it idles. It's just a little 1.5 liter L15B, but it's all singing and all dancing, making a respectable 130 bhp and 118 lbs of torque, with more mid-range than any small engine I've ever driven before. Coupled with the 6-speed manual it's actually quite sporty. If I could find the time to start autocrossing again, I think it would make a good track car.
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