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Originally Posted by gmanontario View Post
Another home run for Bobby! Good thing he studied law for seventy bajillion hours in order to get this result.

What a complete and utter loser. And liar, don't forget liar. Almost forgot, a parasite too. Living on the goodwill of others while shoveling useless s**t far and wide.
Right you are!

The Lisa Chamberlain matter is a prefect example of Bobby's stupidity. After years of making up tall tales which nobody can check out and telling the stories to the most gullible of the gullible Mr. I-can't-remember-my-own-game-plan coughs up the name and location of a client he is badly failing.

Dope Clock II: It's been 119 days since Bobby Menard announced plans to create "Artists Valley". So far all he has done is lie through his teeth.

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