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Bobby's yard sale. . .

Not realizing he's hindering the sales of his upcoming book (anyone giving odds on whether there's really a book?), Bobby decides to garage sale some things he found in his sock drawer.. . stuff that's mostly already available on the internet.

In Time for Christmas!
Ideal gifts for the Freedom Lovers in your life.
I found my old flash drive with all my previous publications. (Books and videos)
I have 2 packages available.
You ,may copy or print up books for gifts for family and friends, but not to sell them. You are also permitted to make copies of the videos for gifts, but again you do not have permission to post or sell them.
Package #1
Just the books please!
(And Special Gifts!)
Package #2
Give me all of it!
Your Child or Her Life
Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception
13 Things the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know
Parking Tickets Deconstructed
With Lawful Excuse - a full colour Graphic Novel
Letters to Authorities
Parking Tickets Deconstructed
Secondary Items (Collected works included Free of Charge)
Surprise Grab Bag! Chock full of documents, pamphlets, essays and booklets. I am still going through the lot!
Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception
The Magnificent Deception
With Lawful Excuse
Security of The Person
PM Me for details on placing your order today!
Watching this beer soaked 57 year-old try to sell material from his heydays is really sad.

All this was BS the first time around. Bobby's borrowed theories about fathers rights, beating traffic tickets and accessing a mythical government account never worked. . . so why would anyone want to pay for them 15-20 years later?

Dope Clock II: It's been 122 days since Bobby Menard announced plans to create "Artists Valley". So far all he has done is lie through his teeth.

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