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Originally Posted by a_unique_person View Post
What the priest says is true, if you take Jesus words in the bible literally. In practice I think a lot of Catholics have had enough. The stories from the Australian royal commission into institutional child abuse were sickening. The Catholic church was by far the worst offender.

The scripture definitely requires forgiving one's enemies and so on, but there's a particular context to those passages, and this falls well outside of that context.

I was abused as a child, and I do think that it is important to forgive my abusers; if someone who enabled that abuse stood in front of me demanding that I forgive them, well, turning around and walking away would be the second thing I would do. At best, this priest is guilty of one of the most tone-deaf and oblivious sermons in history. I'm hoping it's just the result of galloping senility; because damn.
When you say that fascists should only be defeated through debate, what you're really saying is that the marginalized and vulnerable should have to endlessly argue for their right to exist; and at no point should they ever be fully accepted, and the debate considered won.

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