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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
- Your tool talks to my service. If your tool is saying the wrong things, that's your problem, not mine. Leave me and my service out of it.

- Look, it's your tool. You were hired because of your expertise with the problem space covered by this tool. You chose this tool, to do your job, not me. I have no idea what your tool is supposed to say, or how it is supposed to say it. Figure it out.

- Okay, you know what? I just spent ten minutes googling your tool. I now know how to make it say what you need it to say. Something you should have already known. I'm now doing your job for you. SMH FML.

- My service still isn't working for you? Did you make the changes I googled and sent to you? No? Die in a fire.

- Hi, I figured I'd swing by your campus and see if we can't clear up the lingering issues you're having with my service your tool...
I for one would not be at my office after receiving that last message. Sorry I missed you, tool at reception!
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