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Originally Posted by Nessie View Post
I watched a documentary about the Aurora mass shooting. What was particularly depressing was that in the USA, only those most closely linked to that shooting were bothered by it. Whereas in Scotland , with Dunblane, the entire country felt the affects. It was as if we had all be shot at.
If it's still online, you can find me in the online condolences for the Dunblane killing.

I'm bothered by every shooting. I'm especially bothered that I have less time to process each one before the next one takes place. In 2006 when the "Capitol Hill Massacre" took place, I joined some local online raver boards, and commiserated with them, and offered them some advice on how to cope with being the current hated subculture (being a goth, I know too well).

I have several friends who simply refuse to go into public places anymore because of the anxiety it causes.

But as the economy has become so much worse for anyone but the richest, as people try to juggle 2-3 jobs and hope they won't get sick and lose everything, there's less and less energy left for empathy, support, or caring for anyone outside your social circle. This is why health care is turning into a popularity contest. You start a donation page, and you hope you have a lot of friends with a little extra money.

But I'm getting distracted from my point. When you're treading water in a flood, you're too busy trying to keep from drowning to help other people, and that's what it's becoming here.
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