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Originally Posted by The Big Dog View Post
Great example of the Streisand effect in action tho. Repeatedly drawing attention to the fact that Hillary is wearing fully buttoned coats and scafrs to hide something.

But the topper? accusing people of racism for talking about it.

Next level stuff there.
An even better example of the depths Hilary Derangement Syndrome will reduce some people to. I mean, seriously- it's been a year and a half since she lost the election, she's not president and never will be, and we still get this National Enquirer-style JAQ-ing off, "OMG! She's wearing a coat, WHAT IS SHE HIDING?!?!?!?eleventy!!!!" It's gone beyond flogging a dead horse, the corpse has been dug up and acts of one-handed necrophilia are being committed over it.
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