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Originally Posted by psionl0 View Post
Not true. I have also discussed electronic voting tickets and how they can be stolen, misallocated or filled out by malware (presumably while displaying false information to the voter). I have also discussed the need for a process in case a voter complains that the vote on the blockchain isn't the way they voted.

Of course, if you only read what others say I have posted then you would never have believed that.

The key to blockchain security (in bitcoin) is the SHA256 algorithm. It takes a stream of characters as its input and outputs a 256 bit "hash". If just one bit of the input stream is altered then a completely different hash is produced. So far, there is no known way to reverse the hashing algorithm. That is, given a hash code, there is no known way to deduce the original character stream. So you can only keep guessing until you get the answer "close enough". If a mathematical method were ever discovered to reverse hash codes then the viability of blockchains would be the least of our problems.

Note that there is no backdoor method of bypassing hash codes. Being open source software, any attempt to include a back door would have been discovered almost immediately.

It wouldn't necessarily need to reverse a given hash. Reducing the number of candidate nonces to be tested would be enough to destroy the security of the blockchain if it allowed a bad actor to create an altered chain of blocks faster than the rest of the network.
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