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Originally Posted by smartcooky View Post
I agree.

I think they need to take lessons from Monty Python or Hale & Pace... they were all very, very good at making light and taking the piss of offensive ideas, keeping it funny, without being offensive themselves.

I think they are doing just fine without some "smart" advise from what is known as humour south central.

Having grown up a catholic in a village with strong carnival tradition only a cruise missile shot away from Aalst (and unaware of its existence before last year's "outrage"), loving it as a child, hating it as a teenager and being gone as an adult, I know you can't even begin to understand what is going on there in that parade. Adorable.
If they want the pandemic to end, they just have to stop testing. Then people will die of the flu again, like they did before - Wolfgang Wodarg
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