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Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
I think that was the subject of a recent post here in which some "ingenious" attempt was made to have the Holocaust disputed by saying Elie Weisel made the claim that someone was "remote-viewing" in his book.

I think now that the poster was attempting to provoke the "that couldn't have happened" response in which case he could say, "Ahhh! That disproves Elie Weisel's book and that means it disproves the Holocaust! Ha ha!" Of course the said poster didn't count on the possibility that Weisel was employing standard literary techniques to demonstrate the ominous nature of what lay ahead.

So then the same poster pulled out another trick suggesting that Weisel had in fact plagiarised the work with the rather hopeful chain of reasoning that if Weisel was lying then maybe he was lying about the Holocaust and therefore the Holocaust didn't happen.

These Holocaust deniers are a bunch of thick Jew-haters to whom rational thought is alien.

I would say 90% of them are.
The other Ten Percent are trolls who get a kick out of outraging people,A Few Libertarians(by no means all) who support it because it supports their contention that US involvment in WW2 was a mistake,as part of their isolationist viewpoint, and the usual gang of idiots who will support any idea that is "Daring" "Unconventional" "Edgy" and "Anti Establishment".
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