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As Lothian suggests, the scam artists will say whatever they need to say to get your money. Pretending to be channelling god will often work because a lot of people already believe in God, so for them it's a plausible claim. As for the ones who aren't scam artists, well believing God is talking to you is one of the commonest delusions.
Don't forget prestige. As with all woo.

This is my argument against the idea that someone who believes in these things, be it mediumship, faith healing, homeopathy... whatever, and doesn't charge people money for it is being 'good'. By claiming these things they are appropriating a respect and an authority they haven't earned which is at best dishonest and at worst dangerous. The homeopath or faith healer is not a doctor and the 'medium' is not a grief counsellor. There are reasons why we (in most places) expect people to demonstrate knowledge and competence in these fields before practicing.
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