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Rosemary Altea befriends an elderly cancer victim then family out of will

Rosemary Altea befriended, Llewella Day, an elderly cancer victim who was Altea's "patient." Llewella died in 2001 and willed the 500+ acre (worth $ 740,000 dollars) family farm to Altea cutting the family out of the will twice. Altea knocked down the farm to build a "healing foundation."

Altea's website explains:

Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation

As I am sure many of you know, my patient and friend, Llewella Day, left me her property, a five hundred plus acre farm, in the town of Ira Vermont, after she passed in January of 2001. It took three and a half years and lots of legal paraphernalia before the farm became officially mine, and since that time my team and I have been working diligently toward our goals, and towards making Llewella’s dream come to fruition.
Source: About Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation

The legal issues mentioned above are:

The plaintiff [the family] claimed that the defendant used undue influence to convince a dying woman to change her will.
Source: Description and verdict

The judge agreed with the family at the probate level:
TITLE: Psychic appeals court ruling
DATE: September 10, 2001
BODY: The "Voice of the Spirit World" apparently hasn't been getting through to a Rutland County probate judge.

Dorset spiritualist, medium and best-selling author Rosemary Altea, who bills herself as "The Voice of Spirit World," has filed an appeal of a decision by Judge Kevin Candon that denied Altea's inheritance of the $720,000 estate of the late Llewella Day. Altea's lawyers, Peter Langrock and James Swift, have gone to Superior Court to appeal Candon's denial of a will, one of three Day had drawn, that left the entire estate to Altea.

Candon denied it on the grounds that Altea was Day's "spiritual adviser" and exerted "undue influence" over her, according to probate court records.

Day died of cancer in January at age 73. Before she died, the Ira woman rewrote her original will twice to bequeath her entire estate to Altea.

Her original will left her estate to her brother, Arden Day of Tucson, Ariz., and several business associates.

Those people were dropped from the will once Altea was named beneficiary.

The third will was drawn about two weeks before Day died, apparently at Altea's request, according to court records.

The bulk of the estate includes a 580-acre hilltop plot in Ira. Altea requested Day's second will be changed to remove a stipulation that the property remain as a working farm, according to court documents.
For more on the court battle, search the newspaper archives:

If you want to see "psychic" Altea in action, view the Penn & Teller show when she got caught setting up her clientele (article).

From 2003, the same year Altea won her court case:
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