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Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post
Well this is why I keep on saying that we need to know how he got the weapons. The issue with it being a stolen rifle is that those that have an "E" endorsement on their licences and can own one of these weapons also have very stringent regulations about how they are to be kept to prevent theft of them and have to report any thefts to the police, so again the laws are there.

The fact is that this appears to be a rogue case that no matter what firearms laws were in place could not have been prevented, knee jerking and making it harder for honest citizens to own guns by changing the laws in ways that wouldn't have prevented it is beyond stupid, it's like demanding that airlines refit all their planes with better seatbelts after terrorists use a stinger missile to shoot down at airliner. It might feel good, but it's useless.
I think the case may be made that legal semi-autos, no matter how well regulated and how strict the licensing, increases the risk of theft or other supply into the local black market. If the gun was ever in NZ legally, then that argument is going to be easy to make. If the weapon came overseas illegally, than that case will not be as easy to make.

We can theorize about hypotheticals all day long, but magazine fed, semi-auto rifles and/or pistols seems to be the weapon of choice for spree killers. Whether or not they could be as effective with a pump action shotgun, single action revolver, bolt action rifle, or any other such non-ban item is immaterial, because these are not the weapons spree killers prefer. I expect the body count would have been lower with a weapon that has a slower rate of fire due to not being magazine fed. Spree killing would still be possible, but perhaps not as severe. It's hard to imagine someone with a pump shotgun killing dozens of people before they can flee if they have to perform a cumbersome reload every 6-8 rounds.
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