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Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
Let's be honest: the "Right of Return" is not going to happen. Makes a much sense as the descedents of all the Germans who were expelled from East Prussia in 1945/46 to demand to return to Poland.
Those people haven't been living in refugee camps since 1946.

Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
I believe in a two state solution,but IMHO the "Right of Return" is pretty much a death sentence for Israel as a sovereign state.
I disagree.

Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
Which is what I think you want because that is the current hard left dogma.
As usual, you are wrong about me, as well as who it is following "dogma" here.

Now, Israel and Palestine questions are off topic, but it is the UN resolution stipulating a right to return that is prompting the fascist and fascist adjacent in this thread to dismiss the congress women through the proxy of BDS. I just want it noted how casually these... people... dismiss a UN resolution as well as more than 60 years of people living in horrid conditions in refugee camps, and insist that arguing for the situation to change is "leftist dogma" and no doubt anti-semitic. As such, surely the Israeli fascist is justified in keeping the congress women out of Israel, right?
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