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But I mean the linking of one thing to the destruction of another is the same argument that white nationalists use.

Why do you support the white nationalists?

I mean we could play this game all day.

One thing is for sure. The usefulness of such a statement towards furthering a civil discussion about a topic is about nil. Just a classic thought-interrupting device.

Wouldn't it be more straightforward to say "here are a number of ill consequences you may not be considering that would need to be resolved before it would be a wise idea to implement."

If you're "tired of going over it again and again" then just bow out and go recharge your batteries.

Nobody is benefiting from this tendency we have right now go up to the balcony level and chuck little firecrackers into the fray below for entertainment. That's the majority of discourse I see on serious issues these days. People flicking annoyingly at each other with gotchas and zingers and tugging whiskers to get a reaction for sport. People won't commit to a discussion unless they first come to some hasty generalization about what camp you're in or what ground you intend to hold so they can call the appropriate plays to get you riled up or discredit you by (free) association.

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