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Originally Posted by Delvo View Post
We can't use his current lack of awareness of anything happening around him as a sign that he wasn't aware of stuff his company did years ago. He wasn't always like this.
I'm reminded of the moment from one of the presidential debate a few years ago, when Hillary Clinton pointed out that it was possible Trump hadn't paid taxes in years and tried to shame him. His response was "that makes me smart."

I've always seen him as clearly a guy that's aware of the possibility of financial shenanigans, knows he's been involved in such activities for some time, and sees it as necessary and good. Yes, he's probably always been somewhat clueless as to what people he hires to manage his money do with it (after all, that's why he pays them), but he knows enough to know that keeping it requires some shady things. Which is why he hires them in the first place; that's something people that rich just do - hire people to figure out how to maximize the amount of money they can hoard. If that happens through laundering, it doesn't really matter if he didn't do it personally, it was still done in his interest, and with his say-so.
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