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Originally Posted by phiwum View Post
I don't know that the discussion of King's comments are really addressing his point. He wasn't saying that rape is an okay way to procreate.

Here's how I regard his comments. I haven't looked at them in detail, so I could be off here.

Most or all of us are ultimately the product of rape somewhere in our lineage. If abortion had been an option for the rape victim, most or all of us would therefore not exist. At least one of our ancestors would have been aborted.

On the one hand, I think that a rape exception is inconsistent with the most common pro-life arguments. Most politicians accept that inconsistency due to political expediency. Most pro-life voters want that exception even though it cannot be squared with the notion that abortion is wrong because a fetus has a right to life.
This is pretty much my take on it, also.

I see King's statements as him trying to come up with some way to resolve the conundrum. I don't think it has any really good resolution, and I'm not surprised that his attempt is fumbling and unsuccessful.

Like you and Meadmaker, I don't really think King needs defending on this one. His detractors are mostly just making stuff up (good old days of rape, etc.). Defending King isn't really going to put a stop to that, so why bother?
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