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Originally Posted by ArchSas View Post
Well, Howard intended Conan's people to be proto-Celts. But the quote tanabear is so fond of isn't anywhere in Howard's writing, it's (probably erroneously) attributed to Genghis Khan. It was included in the film Conan the Barbarian, but as a quote slave masters taught to Conan as a parlor trick. As a way to have a joke at the expense of someone they deemed less than human because he was a slave. It clearly isn't meant to be taken literally in the context of that film (unless you have no idea how themes work), and isn't really the point of Howard's representation of the character, either; Howard thought civilization was a corrupting influence on humanity, but his Conan always got by through wit and instinct gained trough experience, and with a goal in mind that he worked to achieve intelligently - he didn't value pillaging and rape for the sake of it, he always had clear motivations. Howard's valuing of "barbarism" was mostly based around wanting to return humankind to what he saw as it's natural and right state of existence (where people could exist and do whatever they want, without a veneer of civility to mask their true intentions), not necessarily a "might is right" worldview.

Either way, it's another example of tanabear completely misunderstanding something he uses as proof of his claims.
That's right.

After Conan was freed from his captors he decided to forgive his enemies, not crush them, lay down his sword and shield and live life as an ascetic. He then devoted his life to the practice of transcendental meditation while living on a diet of raw cabbage and carrots in a small mountain hut. The movie ends with Conan discovering inner peace.

Or not....I think the movie actually ends by Conan crushing his enemies. At the end the narrator says: "Many wars and feuds did Conan fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand. And this story shall also be told."

So it sounds like Conan continued to pursue what is best in life.

Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
But the farmers always win in the end. Nomadic hunter gatherers always end up getting absorbed by communites based on Agriculture or getting wiped out entirely. I give you the Mongols in China as an example of the first...Kubla Khan was more Chinese then the Chinese..and the Sioux Indians as an example of the second.
Yes, in the long run farmers win out over the hunter-gatherers, not because they are better fighters but simply because there are more of them. But farming is not what is best in life.

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