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Originally Posted by Darat View Post
Could you provide evidence for your claim "Besides, I was always told by liberals here that patriotism is bad. "?

I have time for two examples.


Originally Posted by The Great Zaganza View Post
Patriotism in the US is 99% stupid:instead of actually doing something for your country, you attack whoever you think doesn't praise it enough.
And Bonespurs is the archetype of this phenomenon.

Two...not so bad...

Originally Posted by Fudbucker View Post
Here's some color photos from Nazi Germany. Note the prominent display of flags everywhere.

As a liberal, I don't "sneer" at excessive patriotism, it just scares me. I fully expect one of these days for there to be a military parade, with il Duce- er, Trump- looking on, stuffed in a bemedaled military uniform.

I do, however, sneer at his idiot supporters, which is about 40% of the country these days.

If you require more let me know, these are both from the same thread. I'm really not inclined to look any harder because this will fall on deaf ears anyways and it really isn't that important to me.

But there ya go - evidence..
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