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Originally Posted by Giz View Post
I think the take away is that some folks don't like it when minorities, er, I mean Jews, er, I mean 'Zionists' get uppity. And that "never again" is a nice phrase about the holocaust... but heaven forfend if you actually take any concrete actions to make sure it never happens again. Why not try leaving the defence of Israel to the UN, or human rights lawyers?
The Zionists who decided, 120 years ago, to go and steal somebody else's land for their own haven of racial purity and due respect for one's Community Leaders were not oppressed. They were not getting "uppity". They wore suits and ties, they were going to do the white man's thing and finally prove to everybody that they were indeed white.

The problem with this attempted colonisation is not the Jewishness of the people doing it, and it's ridiculous to suggest that it is. It's the doing of it that's the problem. All this whining about inherited victimisation and how hard done by the Israelis are by the intransigence and nastiness of the colonised is just bizarre.

"A century of conflict", people predicted, using the rhetorical century, and so far they've been proved right. And all the fault of the Palestinians for being there. And still being there, even after all the hints they've been given. So unfair.
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