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I think this is a refresh/rehash of an article from a couple of years ago, but it highlights the extent of the uncertainty over Brexit, and especially a no-deal Brexit. In this case it's the possible effects on the music industry including orchestras:

"We've got orchestras that are going on tour in November who do not know what the work permit restrictions and extra costs are going to be in, say, France or Germany. In terms of their preparation, there are some very big unanswered questions."

Even if work permits are granted, he believes European concert halls may look elsewhere as "there's only so much they're prepared to spend on booking an orchestra".

"If we become more expensive [extra costs-wise] than a German or Italian orchestra then guess what? We're going to lose the work."
Or if you're running a festival:

One year on, festival director Chris Smith tells the BBC there is "no indication of what will happen in a no-deal fantasy land".

"From an artist perspective, we will be back in a situation where EU-based artists simply won't want to commit to travelling to the UK.
Or simply a jobbing musician trying to travel with their instrument:

Another obstacle touring musicians could face is having to pay for a permit, known as a carnet, for every instrument they take into Europe - to prove they are not trading them internationally.


Believe it or not, some instruments taken into Europe by British musicians contain small amounts of "endangered species" like ivory and rosewood.

After Brexit these would need declaring, but the ABO claim they've been told key ports, including Dover, Calais and Holyhead, are not set up to inspect the necessary paperwork, meaning further delays or re-routed trips.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the music industry, one of hundreds or thousands of industries.....

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