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Originally Posted by ponderingturtle View Post
But think about all the billable hours poor legal advice can rack up with this guy?

I think this all falls under "A fool and his money are soon parted" Though with how foolish this guy seems to be, it is kind of a shock he had the 2.5 mill laying around to donate to this hucksters.
He should have taken the million back. I think legally this will cause him trouble:
A lawyer for the group, James Bopp, also told the Post that Eshelman had not placed any conditions on his donation.
I donated money to help a wrongly accused day care cook get out on bail and fight the charges in one of those stupid Satanic worship cases. The lawyer actually called me to clarify if I wanted the money back once the bail was returned and I told them no. So I believe it matters if you do or do not direct that the money be spent a certain way.

This man is at least a millionaire and he bought into a big lie. That degree of CT belief in the country is worrisome. It's bad enough billionaires like the Kochs and the Mercers try to buy influence for their extremist views. It's another when these guys believe outright lies that go against overwhelming evidence.
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