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Originally Posted by William Parcher View Post
What happened to the old ways? You would have made your own moonshine and more. Those states must have some folk descendants still doing it.
Many will, if that's what it takes. It is surprisingly easy to make hootch, you can do it even in prison with guards watching every little thing.

And speaking of practicing the old ways, my wife minds her place.

And boy is she dreamy. Not a care in the world, really. We've never been happier.

So mind your place, girls.

I can suggest some good material for anyone interested. Hutterites, Mennonite, Amish, there are a lot of societies where the women are valued more. Or should I say produce more value. Islam. Traditional societies anywhere field women who produce high value in the home.

It is obviously a problem when a woman produces no value in the home like now in the West. That's the point of feminism. So it follows that where feminism is more prevalent, the problem of domestic violence will be more significant: Putting women in homes, the antithesis of feminism, where they are not trained to be and where they produce little or no value.

Do you see the Hutterites whining about the coming domestic violence problem? Or us? No, my wife has her mouth shut down there in the kitchen washing dishes.

We homeschool anyway, mostly FLDS stuff on polygamy. So again, the traditionally-minded families are having less of an issue or even no issues at all because of coronavirus. The wife is where she belongs already.
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