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Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
It is worth remembering the caliphate was far more religiously tolerant than Europe. There was a widespread Jewish population under the caliphate (and christian), pogroms and the holocaust were a European / Christian / liberal democratic phenomenon.
It is worth remembring the Caliphate allowed the Jews and Christians to live under their yoke primarily as a way to extract additional taxes for its own coffers. It was more profitable for Caliphs to collect the Jitzya tax than it was to convert the unbelievers to Islam. That's why conversion to Islam was discouraged for much of the Caliphate, not some inherent tolerance to non-believers built into Islam.

Modern wannabe liberals fail at basic fact checking and use this as evidence of Islamic tolerance. It is not, it is evidence of Islamic convenience. This is best seen in India, where Hindus were treated in a similar fashion - even though their faith is not Abrahamic and they worship multiple gods.

It is also worth remembering the West is not what it was in 1600. Neither is Islamic caliphate I suppose but that went the other way.

لا إله إلا رجل والعلوم والتكنولوجيا وأنبيائه

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