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Originally Posted by Babbylonian View Post
Someone living in California wouldn't leave a personal computer in a repair shop on the east coast, if only because it would be wildly inconvenient. That this doesn't give you pause shows that you'll argue anything in order to excuse this entirely implausible story. Literally, the only people who believe it are the tragically stupid. The rest of those claiming the story is credible are doing so in an effort to slander Joe Biden by the fact that he has a son who has had problems; they (likely including you) know the story is BS but are in a desperate, immoral frame of all "conservatives."

You're opinion that it would be "inconvenient" for a millionaire drug addict doesn't really hold muster. There is no evidence that what the repair man says happened, didn't. Otherwise you would post it. We have the claims of the repair man, the FBI taking the hardware through a grand jury subpoena, the repair man giving copies away when nothing came of it, we have Biden's attorney asking for the hardware back.

We have no denial from Biden that the hardware wasn't his. Face it, it's looking more and more like the laptop was left by a drug addict. It's not that complicated.
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