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Angry Indian anti-vaccine nuts killing children.

Diphtheria is back in the southern Indian state of Kerala and so far it's killed two children and left forty more ill. That's an easily preventable disease that's mostly considered a relic of the 1950s.

Muhammad Niyas is a physician in Kerala and watched one of those children die, a death he described as "totally preventable". There's no shortage of vaccine.
Unfortunately there's also no shortage of loons preaching against it, mostly in the Muslim dominated north, where "strong anti-vaccination propaganda" has been disseminated, claiming that the vaccination was part of a plot to "control" the Muslim population.
Anti-vaccination leaflets were handed out and public meetings held to discourage immunisation.
Those behind this campaign, universally without real medical qualifications (though some are homeopaths or naturopaths) also claim the vaccines contain "harmful chemicals".

A death that will haunt me for life.
As human right is always something given, it always in reality reduces to the right which men give, "concede," to each other. If the right to existence is conceded to new-born children, then they have the right; if it is not conceded to them, as was the case among the Spartans and ancient Romans, then they do not have it. For only society can give or concede it to them; they themselves cannot take it, or give it to themselves.
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