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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Badmouthing the US hardly seems like a catastrophe. "Don't vote for Trump! He'll talk **** about the country in public!"

Oh no.

I mean, it's a problem, sure. All things begin equal, I'd prefer a president who didn't do that. I'd prefer a president with a lot of qualities that are probably never going to happen.

You may not know this, but SCOTUS is kind of a big deal. I'm willing to put "badmouthing the US" on the table, as a trade-off for getting one or two justices on the bench.
It seems you're willing to accept a lot from Trump in order to get what you want politically. That's the problem. The fact he blatantly lies constantly is acceptable. The fact he treats women like pieces of meat and brags he can get away with it because he's a "celebrity" is acceptable. The fact he is a bully is acceptable. The fact he believes Putin over his own intelligence agencies is acceptable. The fact he is an extreme narcissist is acceptable (and please don't tell me he hasn't been diagnosed as an extreme narcissist). The fact he has alienated our closest foreign allies, while praising Kim Jung Un and Putin, is acceptable. The fact that he enjoys humiliating people is acceptable to you. The fact he encourages people to commit violence is acceptable to you. The fact he encourages bigotry and racism is acceptable to you. The fact he deliberately encourages divisiveness in the country is acceptable to you.

Exactly what would it take for you not to find him acceptable?
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