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Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
No, but Bill English, for all his faults, did have an actual heart and might well have taken a few steps to help the country.

We also wouldn't have that lying, conniving, hypocritical twat Peters as #2.

Bollocks - there isn't a shred of evidence to say she even has an opinion on it.

While I'm not going to support Ardern, the idea that she "knows" Lundy is innocent is absurd. Given him being in jail since she was at school, I'd be surprised if she had any interest in the case at all. Apart from anything else, there's a little matter of judicial interference in play. She could ask Justin Trudeau how that works.

Mate, you are becoming a bit monomanic about it.

"This time last year, (April 2015) we asked about “The result of the Mark Lundy Trial” 41% of New Zealanders followed this story closely (see page 18 of the attached Mood of the Nation report)."

I presume Jacinda Ardern as opposition spokesperson for justice at the time was one of these 41%.

Steve Braunias wrote 100 pages describing the innocence of Mark Lundy in his "The scene of the crime" book and later skipped across Molesworth Street to lunch with Jacinda Ardern during the appeal hearing he was attending in 2017.

Helen Winkelmann as appeal court judge then conveniently declared she was sure Mark Lundy was guilty, then Ardern appointed her chief justice.
This all stinks to high heaven, and needs to be discussed more widely, but you are right to imply vanishingly few care.
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