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Originally Posted by dirtywick View Post
itís not my link if you want to be accurate and less lazy about it.
You referenced it. "Your link" seems like a reasonable figure of speech to use in this context. Are you not endorsing the link? Not appealing to its content in support of your arguments?

Well, I didnít expect youíd double down on this and declare it all lazy journalism. Pretty convincing argument.
Again, what other explanation should I consider? Your link gives more detail about how this kind of thing can happen. But it really doesn't suggest another interpretation. The process has gaps. No mention has been made of efforts to close those gaps. Rather, journalistic failures arising from those gaps are excused instead. Lack of effort resulting in errors, followed by excuses, sure seems like laziness to me. Maybe it's just incompetence, though. Is that the option I'm missing? They're just incompetent?
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