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Originally Posted by Jekyll's Guest View Post
Can someone, very concisely, lay out what this guy is after and what his 'society' is about?

I clicked on the website main page and went instantly snow blind.

There were some kind of blocks of text with nonsense, seemingly written by a child, and my brain and eyes signed a pact to stop processing it.

As I read trash sci-fi for fun, this is quite an achievement in of itself. Maybe he could make money writing unbreakable code for secret documents?
Its quite a challenge to condense this level of woo into a concise statement of belief, but here is my attempt:

Freeman on the land is a belief system that says we are all subject to a massive, international conspiracy perpetrated by the legal system. Since its inception, the legal system has existed solely to keep us down and for the profits of the elites. Courts are set up only to suppress our natural freedom by not telling us that there is a difference between human beings and persons. Persons are legal fiction straw mans that are separate from flesh and blood human beings. What the court doesn't tell you is that you can decline to consent with ALL statue law because you are a human being and not a person. The only type of law freeman human beings are subject to is common law, which has actually nothing to do with common law as the sheeple know it but instead a nebulous concept of natural law where one only has committed a crime if a direct, attributed harm can be done to them.

What this all means, practically, is that freeman on the land do not have to pay any of their obligations (taxes, credit cards, mortgages, etc.) because we were all deceived (see: transnational global plot mentioned in first sentence) and there are Latin legal maxims that say the man can't do that to us. It also means freeman on the land are not subject to any law where they do not directly harm someone. For example, in the freeman world, drunk driving is allowed and not discouraged because no harm is caused by drunk driving until you kill someone. It is only after you kill someone by drunkg driving that you have committed a freeman offense against the common law (which in their world is again just some odd notion of natural law and nothing like real common law).

And those are just the basics. It is truly one of the most inane woo beliefs out there, in my opinion.The basic thing is that they think they cannot be held to ANY law without their consent.
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