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Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
For many vegans, the issue is 'animal cruelty'. They avoid milk because they believe it means the milk-cow has to be kept constantly in a state of pregnancy in order to supply milk for commercial reasons.

Many vegans will eat free-range eggs as they can see no cruelty involved in this.
Bingo. Politics, not health.

Years ago my brother figured vegetarianism is like a religion- faith based, not science based. And you can't argue someone out of their religion.

My two sisters, 70 yo +/-, both w/ Masters, one a nurse, the other a Masters in sciencey stuff, went vegan a couple years ago. At least the nurse talked to a dietician who told her she needs more protein. Now she is a won't-eat-4-legged-animals- vegetarian. Seems very hypocritical to me.

I've always suspected vegetarianism to be rooted in blood phobia. It's the blood in the red meat, not the protein or fat. Animal rights is a justification.
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