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Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
How anyone can posit that removing from a womb a pea-sized blob that is more a parasite (utterly dependent upon the host/mother) than a human as "murder" baffles me. After all, nature herself terminates no small number of such lumps of developing flesh.

Yes, I'm deliberately rendering as crude my point. But the *potentiality* of a human is not the same as a viable human.

Now, we *are* emotional, social creatures, and so identify with and wish to preserve human life from the earliest moment. Who better than the bearer of new life--the woman--to grapple with the momentous decision to terminate a pregnancy? Why does a large fraction of the community feel that they and their laws are the superior arbiter?
Mother Nature is a murderer. Who knew?

I agree with your post. A pea-sized bunch of cells is not a 'person' any more than a germinated seed is a tomato.
"Life" does not a "person" make. Is a fertilized egg that is growing because its chromosomes are splitting 'alive'? Yes, in the strictest sense. But is it a 'person'? Not in my opinion. And therein lies the problem: it's an opinion, not a fact... as are all views on this.
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