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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
I never really understood Trump's popularity.

To me, even back in the 1980s, when he first entered my consciousness, he always seemed like the very definition of a rich, arrogant jerk. Not the well-mannered, genteel sort of rich, but a brash, arrogant, in-your-face sort who unapologetically flaunted his wealth and high opinion of himself, with no pretense of humility, in a way that I never found at all endearing. And it always seemed apparent that Trump believed that his wealth was evidence of his superiority.

But I guess those same qualities that I find so unappealing are attractive to others?
That is what has been making my head explode for the last four years.
He has always been the exact transparent, dishonest, slimy jerk that he has been as POTUS. It has never not been entirely obvious that this is what he is.

How!?, how!?, how!? did we wind up saddled with him?

The only answer I could find is that his supporters cared more about making my head explode, than about making the Nation explode.
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